Amethyst Biomat in The ROOT healing room.

Amethyst Biomat in The ROOT healing room.

Biomat Healing

This mat holds over 28 lbs of Amethyst Crystals which is heated! Here are some details about the many benefits...


The mat provides Far Infrared Rays (Natural Pure Energy) which strengths the immune system, increases energy, eases MUSCLE PAIN, reduces inflammation, helps increase circulation.


Amethyst Quartz Crystals helps endocrine balance, cleanses ad detoxifies, stabilizes the nervous system and promotes DEEP relaxation and sleep.


Negative Ions (Natural Energy on Molecular Level) promotes better digestion, increases blood circulation, reduces allergy symptoms, enhances brain function and strengthens the cardiovascular system,



*Call, email or stop in to The ROOT to learn more about the healing benefits and booking a session!