Founders Lauren & Tiffany Virgo & Aries

Founders Lauren & Tiffany
Virgo & Aries

Our Roots

We (Lauren & Tiffany) have come together to serve our community! We are Yogi sisters who met at Bearfoot Yoga and Wellness Center, trained by Gina Lee (Dharma lineage). The practice of Yoga has been the blessing of our lives and we offer this gathering space as an opportunity to create peace in a chaotic world and explore various educational/healing offerings including Shamanism, Astrology, Acupuncture and so much more. Come join us on this beautiful journey of life!


The mission of THE ROOT is to bring the practice of yoga and wellness education in many forms and methods, to our community, with the purpose of expanding physical, emotional and spiritual awareness and healing.

THE ROOT seeks to encourage our neighbors on this path of energy and grounding recognizing the Earth as a Source for our healing and community growth.