The Holidays are just around the corner! Buy the gift of wellness!

Auto-Renew $99.00

Best deal if you are ready to commit to your continuous practice for 6 months and you practice a minimum of 2x per week. MEMBERSHIP JOYS!: 10% OFF workshops, 1 Guest Pass Per Month and 1 FREE essential oil gift upon activation!

1 Month Unlimited $115.00

Best deal if you attend 2-3 classes per week but need the flexibility of paying month to month if your attendance fluctuates month to month.

10 Class Card $135.00

Ideal if you practice at least 1x per week. Your classes do not expire for 6 months. .

5 Class Card $75.00

Card expires 6 weeks after purchase.

Drop-In Class $17.00

Best option if you live outside of our area and cannot dedicate time for at least once per week practice. Drop in when you are visiting friends and family.

Biomat Healing

This mat holds over 28 lbs of Amethyst Crystals which is heated! Here are some details about the many benefits...

 The mat provides Far Infrared Rays (Natural Pure Energy) which strengths the immune system, increases energy, eases MUSCLE PAIN, reduces inflammation, helps increase circulation.

 Amethyst Quartz Crystals helps endocrine balance, cleanses ad detoxifies, stabilizes the nervous system and promotes DEEP relaxation and sleep.

 Negative Ions (Natural Energy on Molecular Level) promotes better digestion, increases blood circulation, reduces allergy symptoms, enhances brain function and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Exchange: $25 for 30 Minutes

Private Yoga Sessions

(A private yoga session is a great way to introduce or reintroduce yourself into the yoga practice, especially if you may be uncomfortable in a group setting. We begin with a 10 minute confidential consultation followed by a yoga practice catered to your needs. We end the session with a deep relaxation to incorporate the benefits of the practice. Please call, email or drop by to talk about a private session! We are happy to be of service to you on your yogic journey.)

75 minute private session: $75
75 minute private session PLUS 30 minute Amethyst Biomat session: $100
60 minute private session: $65
Group Session i.e, Corporate Yoga, High School Teams: Please inquire through the studio

Call, Click or Email to book a session!

*THE ROOT Policies

Class Cards and Expirations

A class card is delegated to the person who purchased the card and cannot be transferred or shared. Remaining classes on a class card cannot be transferred over to another practitioner.  A student has the amount of time within the expiration date to use the classes on the card. Once the classes have expired they may not be used unless a class extension fee is purchased.

Class cards are non-transferable. 6 month class cards may be suspended with restrictions, and occasionally we may run a contract special with an allowance for suspension, no other class cards are eligible for suspension. Please be sure to read the contract notes before purchasing. 

Class Extension Fee: $15

At time of purchase of a new class card of equal or greater value to the card that has expired, you may additionally purchase the class extension and your expired classes will be added to your new card to be used within the new expiration date of the card purchased.

 Please note all classes cards have an expiration. There are no refunds.

* THE ROOT is able to provide you with the best prices in the area. We have made expiration dates to encourage you to use your deal to the best of your ability.