Meet our Team 


Founder Lauren Adamkiewicz

Lauren Adamkiewicz E-RYT200,PRYT 85

Lauren has practiced Yoga for over ten years. Her first introduction to yoga was during high school when she learned the incredible benefits of the practice to improve her performance in swimming and surfing as well as on the field with soccer and lacrosse.  

4 years ago she was inspired to dive deeper into her practice after attending a Yoga retreat in beautiful Costa Rica sponsored by a close friend from Block Island.  Working as a bartender for 10 years, she felt the urge to make a life change and Yoga was the key to bringing her to this new and peaceful place. She has traveled the island the last few years to bring the yoga practice to rehabilitation facilities, high schools, community centers, physical therapy offices and CrossFit gyms.

She received her 200hr certification under the well respected Gina Lee of Bearfoot Yoga Center. Lauren holds a BFA in Acting from Brooklyn College where she had the opportunity to engage in diverse movement and voice disciplines (Alexander Technique, Edith Skinner voice and speech) that she regularly integrates into her practice.

Whether you are a beginner or yogi veteran, Lauren will guide you safely on your yoga journey.

Laurens training includes..

Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release (Dirk Bennewitz)

Principle Based Partner Yoga, Level 1 (Gina Lee & Elisabeth Williamson)

Prenatal Yoga(The Yoga Womb)

Yoga For Special Needs (Danielle Rae)

Founder Tiffany Soriente

Founder Tiffany Soriente


Tiffany's mission is to share the many blessings that yoga has brought into her life. Yoga is the "medicine" that carried her through various transitions of life and has provided space for self-realizations and cultivating awareness. 

At a young age, Tiffany always questioned the deeper meaning of the the human experience.  Her curiosity led her to the yoga mat, Astrology and the path of self-study. 

Tiffany is a Social Worker serving the community as an advocate to the underserved population.  Her passion is to create a community and provide services that promote healing using various modalities as a way to connect to our spiritual self.

She teaches hatha yoga infused with breath-centered slow transitions which are grounded with stillness and alignment.  She was trained by her Teacher and Mentor, Gina Lee owner of Bearfoot Yoga and Wellness Center in Bay Shore, NY.  May we all find contentment {Santosha} in our physical practice, our minds and our spirit. 

Tiffany's training includes...

Master’s in Social Work

200hr Certification from Bearfoot Yoga and Wellness Center

Principle Based Partner Yoga Level 1

Vinyasa Instructor Carina Marcon

Vinyasa Instructor Carina Marcon


Carina is a 200 hr. yoga instructor trained through Always At Aum Yoga school. She began her physical practice in 2013 as encouraged by her best friend. She practiced hot yoga for a few years, and as her practice grew, she became more interested in the yoga philosophy and the non-physical aspects and benefits of the practice. She took her teacher training in the Fall of 2016 and earned her certification in Vinyasa style yoga.

Fun fact: Carina has a twin brother!